Infused with Reiki Energy Healing..

Breath of Shakti remedies are based on ancient wisdom and trusted traditional plant healing methods used for thousands of years to support physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing.

Using a meticulous handcrafted approach, the gentle herbal infusions aim to nurture a relationship with the plants and gradually empower the body's own thriving vitality.


All herbal remedies and blends feature local homegrown herbs, organic wildcrafted plants, organic dried herbs, and aromatherapy-grade essential oils - all organic and cleansed with Organic Ecuadorian Palo Santo smoke. All infusions are energetically charged with Reiki and set with specific healing intentions.


I invite you to join me in cultivating more mindful self-care practices in your daily life, lean toward natural remedies and medicines, while reconnecting to the healing gifts of Mother Earth.


🖤 Davina