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Breath of Shakti

Reiki Energy Healing (distant) 1 hour session

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Reiki is an ancient healing technique that promotes relaxation and balance through energy transfer. It is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing art. 

Reiki is non-invasive. It uses gentle hand movements with intention to guide the flow of healthy energy through the body. Being that it's all energetic and no physical touch, Reiki can be performed anywhere in the world.

Reiki.. 'Rei', meaning Higher Power and 'Ki' which means life force, or energy.

'Ki' is the life force energy that animates all living things.


Together Rei-Ki means 'Spiritually guided life force energy'


  • Improved mood and emotional well-being
  • Better sleep
  • Awakens intuition
  • Balances energy and chakras
  • Promotes healing


Restores Balance: 

Allow the healing to clear blockages, stagnant energy and increase the flow of energy in your body to re-establish balance and health in the mind, body and spirit. 

Holistic Wellness:

Enhance your overall wellbeing leaving you with a sense of wellness and inner peace.

Stress Relief/Increased Relaxation:

Promotes a sense of calmness and activates the body's relaxation response, releases tension/muscle pain, relieves stress, speeds up wound healing and improves your health and well-being.

Convenient and Accessible: 

Enjoy the benefits of spiritual healing from anywhere in the world.

Please keep in mind, energy healing assist in healing and yes you still need to put in the work to make things happen! Reiki is not a treatment for illness or disease. Reiki is a complementary therapy in that it works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.


How does it work

1. Select a time for your Reiki session, add to cart and checkout. You will then receive an email containing instructions explaining:

  • How to prepare for your healing session
  • What to expect during your healing session
  • What to expect after your healing session

*If you are unable to find a suitable time slot, please contact me via contact@breathofshakti to arrange a suitable time. 

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