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Breath of Shakti


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Palo Santo, known as "Holy Wood" in Spanish, grows in the tropical forests of South America. This sacred wood is celebrated not only for its divine fragrance that fills the air with a sweet, earthly aroma but also for its age-old tradition as a tool for ritual prayer, clearing negativity, healing, and protecting the spirit.

The aromatic heritage of Palo Santo stretches back through the ages, native healers have relied on its mystical smoke, waving it around their spaces to banish troublesome energies so that positivity could take root and bloom. But Palo Santo signifies much more than a ritualistic tool - it represents renewal, serving as a fragrant flashlight to guide seekers down the winding roads toward enlightenment and regeneration within. Its rich legacy has made Palo Santo wood a treasure for cultures old and new, a precious means to clear out the old to make space for growth and meaningful transformation. 

It is a divine tool to use before going into meditation, as it helps to clear negativity, raise your vibration, and ground a deeper connection to Higher Power. The mystic of this Holy Wood can be felt at first light, leaving you mentally and emotionally clear and calm.


Healing Benefits:

Woven in the essence of Palo Santo is a call to a higher state of presence and a connection to the Earth's elemental powers. It's used to purify, as well as creating a sacred space for meditation, reflection and creativity, and:

  • Promotes physical and spiritual healing
  • Calms feelings of stress & anxiety
  • Inspires creativity
  • Promotes a good nights sleep
  • Boosts mood

How to Use

Palo Santo has the power to clear negative energy, uplift spirits and heal - guiding you to a place of peace, balance, and new beginnings.

A Purification Ritual

1. Prepare your pace:

Start by finding a comfortable space, where you can perform your ritual undisturbed. Clear away any clutter to create a vibe of simplicity and tranquility and let go of any burdens weighing on your mind. Become present and centre your energy. Get rid of any distractions, establishing a sacred ground for your practice to unfold.

2. Light the Palo Santo Stick:

Hold the Palo Santo stick at a 45 degree angel. Light the tip, allowing a small flame to ignite. Let it burn for around 30-60 seconds, then gently blow out the flame and let it smoulder and release the sacred smoke.

3. Set your Intentions:

As the smoke begins its hypnotic dance, pause to connect with your intentions. Whether you're seeking to clear stagnant energies, infuse your sanctuary with tranquility, or create a meditative container - clearly envision your intentions for your ritual. The clearer and more focused your intentions, the more powerful the effect of this ancient practice will be.

4. Cleanse Your Space:

Move intentionally through your space, Palo Santo stick in hand, allowing the ethereal smoke to drift and curl into every corner and crevice. Guide the aromatic clouds across doorways, corners and any areas that feel energetically stale or burdened. Visualise the smoke absorbing and transmuting dense vibrations, leaving only light, harmony and renewal in its wake.

5. Be Present and Visualise:

Take a few deep breaths and inhale the Palo Santo. Become present in the moment, right now. Visualise the sacred smoke purifying your energy field, untying any psychic knots and uplifting your spirit. See it bringing a sense of tranquility and harmonious vibes into your space and your personal aura. Let the glowing energy you've invoked bring a deep feeling of peace and centredness. Allow the exotic fragrance awaken all of your senses, with the knowing, the Palo Santo's magic will realign and recalibrate both your inner and outer worlds.

6. Close the Ritual:

As you complete this energy cleansing, take a moment to express heartfelt gratitude to the Palo Santo wood for lending its ancient purifying power and protective presence. When you're ready, respectfully extinguish the glowing ember by gently pressing the tip into a bed of sand or under a gentle stream of cool water.

Take a few long, deep breaths to anchor yourself fully back into the stillness of the present moment. Feel your energy roots extend down into the earth beneath you as you breathe in the renewed, lightened vibrations you've welcomed into your space and into your heart. Bask in this new, profound sense of clarity and recalibration. With immense gratitude, honour the transformation you've ushered in and welcome in this cosmic rebirth of your inner and outer realms. Embrace the magic and regeneration this ancient ritual has birthed into reality. You have opened sacred pathways for your highest intentions to bloom.